【JP D4DJ】【Buy 2 get 40% OFF】( 2 UR + 75 x 10 + 100 ) Tks 💎44-45K Gems💎1-2 x 4⭐️ D4DJ Groovy Mix gems starter Lv 1 account

Mobile game account

( Japanese Version ) D4DJ Groovy Mix gems starter

D4DJ Groovy Mix

( Rank 1 account Android & IOS )

Item status ( 5/12 )

* 1-2 x 4 star members *

44-45K Gems

2 UR tickets

75+ 10*tickets

100+ tickets

Some materials

( See photos for details )



- These accounts are only for the Japanese server

- After the payment has been processed, the code will be sent immediately to your email

- I do not accept a refund if you have logged in and used any resources.

If you received the wrong type, please contact me ASAP.

Every transfer code is double-checked and 100% worked. So please do not try to scam me by saying something like the code is not working. I have saved all accounts' info, so I can easily tell if you have transferred the account or not.

Thank you for your understanding.

Don't forget to set up a new transfer code

    Otherwise, the account will be lost when login to another account ( or delete the game ) 

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USD 1.15

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