【JP SIF】( 2 for $4 ) 1400+ gems,80+ tks,30+ cp LoveLive starter account

Mobile Game Account

( Japanese Version ) Love Live School Idol Festival gems starter

Love Live! SIF

Rank 2 account ( Android & IOS )

Item status ( 10/23 )

*1 UR Exchange Ticket*

20 promo UR

0 - 10+ SSR

10 - 25+ SR

1400+ love gems

80+ scouting tickets

30+ blue coupon

1 Silver stickers

200+ pink stickers

17 backgrounds

Some Promo UR/SSR/SR/Title tickets

( All the love gems are saved in the mailbox )



- These accounts are only for Japanese server

- After the payment has been processed, the code will be send immediately to your email

- I do not accept a refund if you have taken the gems out of the mailbox or used any resources.

If you received the wrong type, please contact me ASAP.

Every Transfer code / SIF ID is 100% worked. So please do not try to scam me by saying something like the code is not working. I have saved all accounts' info, so I can easily tell if you have transferred the account or not.

Thank you for your understanding.

    Make sure you always have a SIF ID bound to the account

   Otherwise, the account will be lost when switch to another account ( or delete the game app )

Highly recommend to search 'SIF ID' on Youtube to create one so you know how it functions~


If you have further questions, please contact me!

Email: daigg.ejunkie@gmail.com

Twitter: twitter.com/_daiGG

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